At Tribe Gratitude, our message is simple: own it, wear it, live it. Every day we are given a choice to stand in our power, speak our truth, and inspire others to live abundantly. At Tribe Gratitude, we believe abundance comes from within, and our crystal hearts are conversation starters which attract attention and foster human interaction. When you wear our crystal heart necklaces, every day will be a new experience of human connection; whether it be a stranger complimenting the heart’s brilliant aurora borealis sheen, or surprising someone you love with one of our custom pieces.

These experiences alone fulfill the mission of Tribe Gratitude’s founder, Valohna Wynn, who strongly believes in fostering human connection and reminding every woman that she is a goddess, regardless of age or origin. Upholding the philosophy that every woman deserves to share her story and shine her brightest, Valohna’s wire-wrapped necklaces aim to empower the women who wear them–serving as talismans which remind women of their strength and brilliance.

If we choose to be open to receiving love and attention from others, we flourish. If a simple talisman can facilitate these types of human interaction, then we have already achieved our goal. Each day is a new opportunity to provide positive experiences, and Tribe Gratitude invites you to share our stories, vision, and mission to make spiritual abundance a reality.

"There's a crack in everything that's how the light gets in." —Leonard Cohen