Words of gratitude from our Tribe Gratitude sisters…

Thank you so much for the beautiful heart pendant. It shimmers so bright and makes me feel like a goddess. -Katie

I just received my beautiful necklace. Everyone comments on its beauty! Thanks so much, Valohna. -Megan

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With gratitude,
Your Tribe Gratitude Sisters

  1. Beth Moon
    Beth MoonJuly 5,14

    I put my first Tribe Gratitude neck piece on over 2 months ago, and although I have beautiful jewelry….I haven’t been able to wear anything else! It has so much humanity interaction. Thank you for your brilliance and your artistic talents!

  2. Beth Moon
    Beth MoonApril 17,15

    hey lady V –

    just testing out your website… really is beautiful!

    do you make changes on it your self or does someone else go into it to make changes?

    It would be nice to put a couple of your photos with the chains in there or even mention it on your blog.

    There is not a place to put a code or comment if I try sending people to the site.

    Thank you for a lovely feminine day and always an empowerment session when we get together. Your creativity is so attractive and it reminds me that I, too, have more creative juice that is just waiting to be born!

    I am grateful for you in my life and my morning reminder is ” I am a miracle” (no victims allowed to this party)

    Peace & Blessings,
    Mama Moon

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